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Treatments For RSD/CRPS
Erikka's Story
Living with RSD

Here are some great websites about RSD that you might want to take a look at:
Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy Association- RSDSA is the main RSD orginization. They organize annual walks, conferences, all to raise money for research.  
Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy Foundation- A globally recognized research foundation for RSD
American RSD Hope Organization- A very informative site with reliable medical articles and all of the latest RSD news.
RSD escapeA beautiful website full of hope and inspiration created by an RSD survivor, Savannah.
How to cope with pain- A self-explainatory website for chronic pain patients to learn how to deal with their illness
For Grace- A touching organization founded by RSD sufferer, Cynthia Toussaint
Aya's No Pain Zone- A website created by a former RSD sufferer, Aya Raveckand
Mary's Wish is a wonderful website set up by Mary's family. Mary Suffers from RSD. Please Check it out.  

RSDrx- An informative website by Dr. Hooshmand in South Beach, Florida.
Rock Out To Knock Out RSD puts on concerts to provide Awareness of RSD and Medical Equipment - RSD UpWord is spreading awareness of RSD and how it affects each member of the family
Here Are Some News Articles On RSDers:
Here are some video links. Most of them are news stories about RSDers and their fights: - A nerve block being performed on a young woman who has RSD from a fox news station - A 22 year old woman who went to Mexico (instead of Germany) to get a experimental treatment to help her rid her of her RSD pain. - An RSDer whos dog saved her life - Alyssa from the Christian Alternative group Barlow Girls, talks about her battle with RSD.

Many people are taking a hollistic approach to their health. Here are several websites and blogs to inform you of people's experiences.

Kris Carr - Raw Vegan

My Journey : A Blog About RSD

Maria Mooney - Going Down Swinging : A RSD Blog

Fibromyalgia Overview- Mayo Clinic

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